My work is concerned with the experience of creating, and the interaction with materials in pursuit of a finished painting.

Marks are initially made rapidly in a haphazard manner, paying little attention to what I am doing. Then follows a period of contemplation on what has occurred, and subsequent progress is made as and where appears appropriate, choosing colours and application techniques that feel right. This cyclical process of mark making, observation, and then reaction continues for an indefinite amount of time as I attempt to push the painting forwards with a growing sense of aesthetic refinement, whilst also becoming more sensitive towards my application of the paint.

A painting may take days or months to reach a final state, achieved when I feel there is nothing more to be added in reaction to what has come before; when some sort of order has been wrestled from the initial mess.

Through this method of working I aim to explore the psychological experience of making art, and the importance of human creative endeavours. With no initial plan, I am constantly in conversation with the paint, the surface and my tools, allowing the work to speak to me, deciding how hard to listen, and then reacting in whatever way feels right. Sometimes applying paint automatically with little care, and sometimes making purposeful, well thought out marks… all the time being aware and mindful of the process from blank panel to completed painting.

Andrew Carr. born 1982.
Educated at Kent Institute of Art & Design, and Univeristy of Chester.
Lives and works in Stockport, England.